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Nualaw are employment law solicitors in Warwickshire providing employment law advice and advocacy services for both individuals and businesses, solicitors and barristers. We often provide employment law services in Oxfordshire, Northamptonshire and the West Midlands and currently we are representing clients with employment law issues throughout England and Wales. We are dedicated to providing clients with the highest levels of customer satisfaction by identifying their needs and wishes and working to achieve the best possible resolution with this in mind. Our solicitors advise and represent claimants in claims and defend employers from claims for unfair dismissal, constructive dismissal, discrimination and whistleblowing and defend employers from such claims. We assist companies with issues surrounding recruitment, restructuring, reorganisations and redundancies and advise on settlement agreements for both employees and employers.

As a small specialist employment law firm based in Warwickshire which is owner-managed, Nualaw limits the number of clients it chooses to represent and so can be confident of devoting the time and attention required to each and every client. Rapid response, comprehensive advice and ensuring identification of every issue comes as standard.

Summary of services we offer:

  • Employment law advice in every area of employment law
  • Providing expert legal representation through advocacy
  • Drafting and updating contracts and policies
  • Second opinions and appeals to Legal Expenses Insurers
  • Fixed fee and no win, no fee representation
  • Preparation and assistance in disciplinary and grievance hearings
  • Negotiating settlements and drafting settlement agreements
  • Multi-party litigation
  • Representing claimants and respondents at cost hearings
  • Assisting litigants in person prepare for hearings
  • Home / Business appointments at any time to suit, day or night

You can contact us on 01789 722 666

Nualaw's hours of business are Monday - Friday 9am – 6pm
Assistance beyond these hours is readily available by prior agreement.

"We are dedicated to providing clients with the highest levels of customer satisfaction by identifying their needs and wishes and working to achieve the best possible resolution"

Employment law advice and advocacy services for employers

"Nualaw have supported us for several years now with great professionalism, they understand our business and the people within it which has been key when providing their personal touch."


warwickshire advocacy solicitors

If you suspect a problem or conflict in the workplace it’s usually wise to seek specialist employment advice promptly to prevent the situation escalating. Pre-emptive advice is always preferable to damage limitation, however, should you need to defend a claim we will advise you realistically on both the merits and economic prospects of such action.


Our experience and practice allows us to provide a full advocacy service which runs from initial advice through to representation at tribunal. The benefits of this ensure that there is no duplication of work and that a level of continuity is achieved ensuring that your time and costs are not wasted repeating instructions.

Nuala Toner conducts cases in both the Employment Tribunal and Employment Appeal Tribunal, often appearing at Birmingham, Manchester, Leeds and Reading. As seriously effective and dedicated advocates we recognise that sometimes your needs can be better served by a barrister especially with multi-day hearings or Court of Appeal cases. Choosing the right barrister can win or lose a case and we use only counsel with whom (or against whom) we have worked closely on previous occasions.


To allow you to spend time concentrating on running your business you may wish to consider outsourcing elements of management and human resources to Nualaw. Often employment contracts can be improved to protect your business, as can handbooks and policies. We can undertake drafting work to your specification, whether you require bespoke documents for each employee or a precedent which you can amend.

In addition to employment contracts and handbooks, we can give advice on, or draft, documents for you such as job offer letters, equal opportunities policies and guidance documents on issues such as redundancy, retirement and vehicle usage. We can also cater for specific industries such as haulage, security, care work and can draft documents for specific individuals including casual workers, directors, shareholders, apprentices, employees under 18 and self-employed contractors.


Employment law is a dynamic field and keeping pace with the changes is a full time job. We provide training for management and human resources staff on a one to one basis or for groups. Ourt HR consultancy service can assist with performance issues, conduct issues, staff absence and collective changes in the workplace including large scale redundancies and TUPE transfers. We aim to provide sufficient legal advice for each scenario to allow you to reduce legal fees long term by ensuring that you will be able to apply this knowledge should similar situations arise in future.

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Tribunal representation for employees, dismissal claims and insolvency advice for employees

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The first step in deciding what action to take when problems arise at work is to understand your legal position. Bringing a claim at tribunal or in court is a huge decision especially with the introduction in 2013 of tribunal fees. Nualaw’s specialist employment law solicitors will assess your situation, advise you of your options and explain how much your claim will cost. We can often put your mind at ease with a telephone call and may not even need to charge you for initial legal advice. Many cases do not proceed to tribunal and it may be possible to resolve matters earlier. If you decide legal action is necessary we will ensure that we explain each step thoroughly and ensure you receive consistent representation throughout your claim.

You may have legal expenses insurance that will fund legal advice and tribunal representation, be able to seek help through a union or even an organisation that provides free advice or legal aid. We often take cases on a no win no fee arrangement or you might want to consider running your own case using us only when you really need to, reducing your legal fees substantially.

It is really important that you act quickly. Early advice can prevent the need for a claim and in most cases you have less than three months to bring a claim. Time limits in employment law matters generally run from the last date of your employment for unfair or constructive dismissal but for cases of whistleblowing or discrimination time limits can be much earlier and you may want to consider bringing a claim whilst you are still employed.

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It is really important that you act quickly. Early advice can prevent the need for a claim and in most cases you have less than three months to bring a claim. Timescales generally run from the last date of your employment for unfair or constructive dismissal but for cases of whistleblowing or discrimination you need to either submit a claim or raise a grievance within three months of the treatment of which you are complaining.


Our experienced employment law team have represented many employees whose employment has been terminated due to the closure or sale of their employer. We have assisted employees with claiming notice pay and redundancy through the redundancy payments office and in many cases have been able to secure protective awards for the failure to consult with employees. Even if your employer has become insolvent we may still be able to assist you and can work outside normal office hours on a no win no fee basis often on reduced rates in order to ensure your claim is dealt with efficiently.

Settlement Agreements

Settlement Agreements, (sometimes referred to as Compromise Agreements or Exit Agreements) can be a swift and practical way of resolving a dispute that may otherwise progress to an employment tribunal. Discussions leading to a settlement agreement are often labelled as ‘without prejudice’ but since 2013 we have seen the introduction of ‘protected conversations’ which can be a safer route for both employer and employee.

The first step in reaching a successful settlement agreement is usually a protected conversation but you do need ensure this conversation is handled correctly in order to protect your future position. If handled correctly protected conversations cannot be used against you at a later date and are inadmissible in future legal proceedings, leaving your options open if settlement agreement negotiations fail.

"The law was explained carefully in a way I could understand"

It is important to appreciate the limitations of without prejudice and protected conversations. Without prejudice conversations are only without prejudice if there is a pre-existing dispute and protected conversations do not provide protection against claims for any form of discrimination.

Once a settlement agreement is signed there is generally no option for further negotiations even for non-financial issues such as references and restrictions on future employment, so you need to be sure everything is covered.

We often help employees who have been handed a settlement agreement with very tight deadlines and employers who need to resolve issues quickly. We appreciate this is stressful and can normally provide advice on the same day. For employees considering accepting a settlement agreement we are usually able to give some free initial advice and usually negotiate payment of our fees from your employer.

A further option for employers seeking to terminate an employee’s employment is to consider whether a settlement agreement is the quickest and safest route to compromise any future claims or whether an agreement using the services of ACAS would be a better option.

"Devoting the time and attention required to each and every client"

Employment law advice for HR professionals and solicitors

At Nualaw our employment law advisors often provide assistance to HR professionals and are happy to provide you with a second opinion.

We also undertake advocacy for other solicitors if they are unable to provide this service to their client and we can provide cover for staff absences as a competitive alternative to using recruitment agencies.

We work closely with barristers and are in a position to provide administrative support at very reasonable rates which can be useful particularly for counsel undertaking direct access work.

"We can often put your mind at ease with a telephone call"


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